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toys from santa

Jenny Myers is counting down the days until her sister Shelly gets married. Having lived together since Shelly graduated college she's in desperate need for her own space. The wedding is set for Christmas Day and Jenny is the maid of honor. She forgets to plan the bachelorette party and cold-calls four of her friends neighbors and relatives to attend. But in the middle of planning the forgotten event Dane McKenzie the best man and brother to the groom interrupts.

Sexual sparks fly every time Dane sees Jenny. He's an ex-marine turned businessman with a frivolous taste in women yet Jenny Myers stops him cold. He wants her has wanted her from the time they met six months ago at his brother's engagement party. And when he sees her sprawled out in the floor planning a bachelorette party for her snotty sister that doesn't deserve it he sees the perfect opportunity.

After all Christmas is the season for giving and with the sex toys all around Dane plans to give Jenny anything and everything she wants. Contains mild bondage and sex toys.


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A shrill of excitement coursed through Jenny’s veins as she watched Dane pop the top of the relaxing massage oil and take a sniff. He was really taking the challenge seriously, she decided, following his instructions. Though doubts filled her mind, Dane’s confidence and sense of promise left Jenny smiling as she lay on her stomach, totally in the buff, on the bed.

“Now, spread your legs.” His hand wrapped around the thigh closest to him and pulled.

“How come you never asked me out before now? You hit on me, but I thought it was harmless flirtation.” Jenny crossed her arms and propped her chin on them.

She heard him move behind her and then felt his fingers sliding up the back of her thigh. “I thought you were like your bitchy sister in the beginning. And then I asked my brother about you, and he said you and Shelly were nothing alike.”

Jenny sucked in a breath when his lips pressed against the small of her back. Dane used his mouth to tease her. His tongue traced the curve of her spine, his lips kissing, nibbling. Jenny squirmed beneath him, surprised he could get her body hot again so soon. 

“What was the number for?” Jenny asked, looking over her shoulder at him.

He looked up, shaking his head. “Relax, Jen. There’s no need to be nervous.”

He sat back on his heels and tipped the bottle of oil upside down. The scent of pineapple floated in the air around them. The thick liquid oozed over her back and down her thighs, all the way to her feet. Jenny closed her eyes, anticipating his touch. He picked up a foot and pressed his thumbs into her arches, rubbing lightly in circles. She groaned, and he switched to the other foot, repeating his motions, using his knuckles.

“Most women are ticklish on the bottoms of their feet.” His hands moved higher to her calves, rubbing the oil there into her skin.

“I’m not ticklish.” Jenny grabbed a pillow and relaxed against it.

The massage continued with each thigh, each butt cheek. Then his hands were on her back. He spread her legs and came between them. Her body was slicked from neck to feet. He pushed outward from her spine, and the tension dissipated. When her body was limp, he bend down and pressed his lips to her spine.

“Which toy do you want to try first?” 

Jenny turned so that she could see the display of items she brought. Edible creams. Clitoral vibrators. Cock Rings. Dildos. A blindfold. Jenny gulped at the possibilities. What did he have in mind for tonight?

“Uh, I don’t know.” Jenny casually picked at the collection, blushing when she plucked up some flavored condoms.

Dane reached past her and picked up the heart shaped cock ring. “These toys came with batteries, right?”

Jenny shrugged. “I forgot to ask.”

He chuckled and flipped the toy on. It buzzed to life in his hand. Jenny watched over her shoulder as Dane slid the tight ring on his cock. “Damn.”

Jenny watched him close his eyes, nothing but the look of pleasure crossing his face. She smiled. His erection renewed; the silly-looking toy humming softly in the otherwise silent room. “Feel good?”

“Fuckin’ awesome.” He shifted slightly and grabbed the flavored condom she had. “Roll over, baby.”

Jenny did as he asked, knowing his sheets would be ruined by the massage oil on her back. He shifted her legs slightly, pushing them to her chest as he brushed the tip of his cock against her. The vibrations from the ring pulsated down his cock as he teased her. She spread her legs and dropped them, a blatant invitation for him to take her.

“Do you like it?” He rubbed his cock the entire length of her slit. “I can only imagine what it would feel like when I’m inside you. Do you want that, baby? Do you want a real, vibrating dick inside you or some silicone purple toy?”

Jenny gasped when he pushed himself inside her. Her limited experience with sex and toys didn’t begin to compare to the way Dane set her body on fire. Every nerve ending in her pussy pulsed alive as his slick cock brushed against it. The vibrating ring pressed against her clit when he seated himself fully inside her.

“Oh, Dane,” she bit her lip as her orgasm neared. 

“Good, right?” He pulled back and pushed in again, starting a rhythm that satisfied them both. “You should see your face. I love your expression of raw pleasure. You’re so beautiful when you let your guard down.”

Jenny couldn’t think about what he was muttering. Her mind shut off, her body totally in tune with the sensations he created. His hands gripped her hips as his thrusts came harder. The ring bumped her clit with each thrust, and Jenny couldn’t hold back the gasps of pleasure. She didn’t want to.

“Dane… Oh, God, Dane…” She clutched at the sheets while her pussy contracted around Dane’s cock. 

“Again, baby. Come again.” He slowed his motions, teasing her sensitized clit with the vibrator as he swiveled his hips.

She shrieked with pleasure, clasping his body between her legs as she came again. Sweat slicked her body. Dane leaned forward, his tongue darting out to lick her stiff nipple. He was living up to her challenge, all right. Jenny gasped for breath.





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