Lexie Davis


the naughty list

There was nothing Piper hated more than the holidays. She wished that she could hibernate through them and wake up in a brand new year. Instead, her boss had her planning the company’s Christmas party, complete with him being the sexy Santa that dishes out bonus checks for those on the ‘nice’ list.

Scott Whalen was notoriously known for being a good guy, but his alter ego was a skillful Dominant. On a prior business trip to the Bahamas, Piper made a drunken admission that she wanted to be dominated. Now, the sexy little minx gave him the perfect opportunity to give her that wish.

She’s the only employee on the naughty list and her reward is a contract that establishes rules for a much desired affair with her boss. He’s got what she wants and he’ll give her what she needs. She must first survive the torment of a holiday party before she gets what she craves.


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“I didn’t realize the Island offered photography. What exactly do you take pictures of?”

He smiled. “Sex.”

Brooklyn squeezed her legs together, feeling a flood of moisture in her panties. Damn.


He chuckled and started for the hallway. “Couples come here for fantasies, right? Some like to take home the memories. That’s where I come in.”

It’s the heat. It has to be. Brooklyn licked her lips and met Channing’s eyes when she turned the corner into the bedroom. Smoky gray irises stared back at her, clearly aroused by the little movement her tongue made along her lips. To prove she wasn’t crazy, Brooklyn did it again and watched Channing swallow hard.

At least, I’m not the only one.

“I specialize in erotic art.” He grabbed his camera off the nightstand and pointed to the picture hanging over the bed. “That’s one of the thousands of pictures I’ve taken while on my three-month contract here.”

“So you don’t actually capture couples having sex. It’s more of a tease?” Brooklyn shifted slightly, reminding herself to keep breathing.

He grinned and checked the film. “Sometimes I do. It depends on the client. At Exotica Island, we cater to their wants and needs.”

For the millionth time in the last hour, Brooklyn’s mind landed straight in the gutter. “Every want or need?”

“All you have to do is ask.” He propped the camera on his hip. “What is it you need?”

Embolden, Brooklyn replied, “You.”





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