Lexie Davis


sharing body heat

Wrong cabin, right bed. When an unlikely pair find themselves snowed in, the only thing to do is heat up the sheets.

My foot’s barely in the door of the isolated cabin I rented when a naked, gorgeous, dripping wet guy walks out of the bedroom. I may be half-frozen from the storm outside but one look at this mountain man has my blood heating. Too bad the gruff stranger isn’t as pleased with the cabin mix-up as I am.

With the power out and the storm raging, there’s only one way to survive the night: body heat. An innocent cuddle by the fire is the furthest thing from my mind. Once Reid McKenna’s body is pressed against mine—skin on skin, muscle against curves—raw need takes over.

He’s got me hot and bothered, and wanting more.

Tonight, the wind won’t be the only thing howling.


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“Why don’t you tell me what you want?”

She tried to feign ignorance. “I–I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’ve been staring at my cock all night.” He moved back, lying on the mattress without a care in the world. She swallowed hard, watching him as his gaze roamed over her body. “I’m willing to bet that underneath all those layers, that silky heaven between your thighs is wet for me.”

“You’re willing to bet, huh? Is that how you make your business deals? Betting?”

He ignored her comment. “I’m dying to know what you taste like. I’ve pictured you riding my face more than once in the short time you’ve been here.” The fire crackled behind her and the heat made her exposed skin flush. He stared, his eyes growing darker as each second passed. “Your pussy juice all over my lips. Your scent embedded in my senses. You have a perfect ass. It’d fit in my palms nicely while I eat you out.”
She squirmed and he smiled. Her pussy clenched at the picture he’d painted, the words he’d used. The bastard knew what he was doing. Lauren slipped her jacket off and tossed it  to the side.

“Hot?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Uncomfortable.” She turned away from him.

“By all means, keep going if it makes you feel better.”

Lauren kept her attention on the pillow before her. “What makes you think I’m interested in you? So I stared at your cock. You paraded it around in front of a stranger. How could I not stare at it?”

He shifted on the mattress and against her better judgment, her eyes went to his crotch. He arched an eyebrow at her. She didn’t back down. They locked gazes for a moment.

“Tell me, are you bare or do you keep hair on your pussy?”

“Why would I tell you that?”

“I’ve got to keep the fantasy accurate. At least until I see the real thing.”

Lauren bit her lower lip instead of responding. She didn’t shy away from his boldness. She wanted to see if he had the balls to proceed. Was she crazy for contemplating giving in to him? People had one-night stands all the time. It would be so easy.

“I’m going with bare,” he said. “Your soft pussy lips are begging to be touched. Your hot, wet center is aching to be tasted. Admit it. You want my cock as much as it wants to be inside you.”

“Not interested,” she said without looking at him.

“You are interested. Every time your arousal becomes too much you squeeze your legs tighter, rubbing lightly as the ache builds.” He stared right at her pussy. “So cut the bullshit and take off your pants.”

Lauren glanced over at him. “And if I don’t?”

“You will.” He propped his head up on his arms, keeping his attention on her. “Women rarely turn down a man willing to bury his head between her thighs.”

Lauren scoffed. Her clit ached. He’d been right about that. If he didn’t relieve the pressure, she’d have to do something to take care of that ache. The fire was warm and a faint sheen of sweat had gathered on her skin.

“When you’re ready to ask for what you want, I’ll be over there.” He pointed toward the dark kitchen.
Standing, he kept his gaze on her while he pulled his boxer briefs down. He tossed them at her, hitting her right in the chest as he walked toward the kitchen. His tight ass made her mouth water.

More than once since they first met, she’d thought about how it’d feel to give in to his temptation and fuck him. They were strangers that would never see each other again. If it was good, great. She was a responsible adult. She could make the decision to fuck a man if she wanted to. If it was bad, then she never had to worry about him again. No strings. It sounded like the best idea in the world. She tossed his underwear aside, noting the warmth that still clung to them from his body. It sure was going to be one hell of a night.

If she survived.





Copyright 2017 © Lexie Davis