Lexie Davis


made for two

Vampires mate for life, as the old law instructs, but the last thing on Natalie's mind is a lifetime spent with one man. Her parents' incessant need to see her mated forces her to escape to the mortal realm where she meets two deliciously sexy men, courtesy of her brother's annual Halloween party. 

Kingston and Jagger are walking sin and Natalie can't help but indulge in their company. By nightfall, her bloodlust is boiling. She succumbs to temptation and beds both men, only to learn the two humans she planned to feed on are, in fact, vampires, like herself. The mating bond has already begun and there's nothing she can do to stop it. She believed one mate would never suit her, but could she possibly be made for two?


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“Straddle Kingston, sweetheart,” Jagger commanded softly. 

She didn’t hurry, taking pleasure in her position while Jagger undressed. She watched his hands go to his zipper, slide it down, and reveal his hard cock. He was slightly bigger in girth than Kingston, but both would undoubtedly pleasure her well. Her mouth watered to taste him. She wondered if he’d let her. If he’d give her his come like Kingston had done.

She reached out and wrapped her fingers around him. No questions had to be asked. After all, they agreed to take what they could get, mutually satisfying each other in the process. That was the point to their agreement, anyway, right? Two human men against the superior stamina of a female vampire. A few more orgasms and they’d be sleeping like babies. She wasn’t sure which one’s vein she wanted to taste first. 

“I’d rather taste you while he fucks me.” She gave Kingston a small smile. Naivety, she learned worked well with the humans. The males liked to think they were smarter, stronger, well equipped, and able to do the job right. She pitied them because none of them did the job right. At least not according to her standards.

But for some reason, she didn’t care about that now. She wanted their two cocks filling her until neither could move. She only had to remain in control of the bloodlust rising to the surface before they fell asleep.

Natalie licked her lips and tilted forward surrounding the tip of his cock with her mouth. Oh, yes. She’d never get tired of this. Her jaw could ache, her muscles could fatigue, but she’d still want and crave more.

Fingers slipped between her folds. She knew she was wet. Even at the party, she’d been drenched. Kingston’s kiss had accelerated her lust, and she had wanted more. She wished she’d taken him there, perhaps in a dark room with no one around. Or maybe against the wall in a side room where they could have been found at any second. Her mind filled with ideas of exciting possibilities for them to try. 

Jagger groaned as she licked the length of his dick and stopped at the base to lap at his balls. Kingston withdrew and positioned her so that she lay on her back against the mattress. Jagger’s cock lingered along her lips before she reached out to take him in her hand and guide him between her lips.

“Look at that, Jagger.” Kingston pinched her nipples. “Pebble hard and the prettiest shade of pink.”

Kingston took one into his mouth, and Natalie moaned around Jagger’s cock. Humans, before these two men, had never made her body sing like this before. But with their one touch, her pussy melted. Kingston, the bigger of the two, pressed against her, pushing her legs wider to expose her pussy. She lifted her hips slightly and rubbed against him while Jagger continued rocking his hips, sliding his cock between her lips.

Taking two men at the same time ignited her desire. If she didn’t watch, the bloodlust would rear its ugly head, and then where would she be? She tried to tamp it down. It wouldn’t last long once he filled her—if he filled her—but maybe, he’d fall asleep. She needed him to fall asleep before she bit him. 

“She liked whatever you just did.” Jagger reached for one of her breasts and squeezed. “God, her mouth is heaven.”

Kingston crawled down her body and opened her with two fingers. “No. This is heaven.”

His tongue touched her and she whimpered. She brushed her hand along Jagger’s thigh while opening her legs wider for Kingston. Trying to focus on something other than the need rising within her, she closed her eyes as Jagger thrust. She prayed her fangs didn’t elongate. It’d be pretty embarrassing to explain considering the circumstances.

She pulled away from Jagger. “Wait.” Her thighs closed around Kingston’s head, but they didn’t prevent him from continuing to drive her crazy. “I changed my mind. I want you both to take me at the same time.”





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