Lexie Davis


His Mate

Lone wolf Dare has his world turned upside down when he’s caught and dragged to the auction block as a slave for any alpha in the land to buy. Battered and bruised, he’s been tortured only to find that the real torture is just beginning. Icy trepidation of what's to come fills him before a quiet wolf, an alpha of one of the most feared packs in the land, raises his hand with an outrageous bid.

All Rage wants is a mate. The complicated alpha doesn’t have trouble finding lovers to fill his bed, but he has trouble finding one worthy of his heart. The moment he sees the dirty lone wolf on the auction block, attraction crackles between them. He doesn’t understand it, and he doesn’t question it before raising his hand to bid one million.

The more time the two spend together, the deeper their bond grows. However, secrets about Dare’s real identity surface and it fuels a war with the Supreme Wolf unlike any other. Rage bought the lone wolf’s freedom, but he soon finds himself willing to sacrifice everything to protect his mate, a wolf he has come to love. Can love truly conquer all or is Rage in for a rude awakening?


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“Bedroom. Now.” Dare stood as Rage pointed down the hallway. Before he could turn, his lover grabbed him, pulling him in for a rough kiss.

In many ways the urgency was more intense than it had been in the woods. Rage was complete alpha, demanding and dominant, and Dare loved it. Rage tore his lips from Dare’s and worked quickly to fasten his pants over his hard cock, grimacing the entire time.

He led him down the narrow passageway to a room with a large bed in it. Before Dare could really take in the surroundings, Rage was on him, shoving him up against the wall while his tongue fucked his mouth. Hot and wanton, Dare gave as good as he got. They fought for dominance, though Rage won. He shoved the fur robe off Dare’s shoulders before ripping the thin shirt from his body. Rage’s fingernails scratched down the surface of Dare’s chest, the sting of pain forcing him to arch against the door. He needed to fuck and be fucked.

Rage jerked his leather pants open and pulled him to the bed. Once he pushed Dare back onto the mattress, he yanked the leather off his body. Dare had never seen him so intense.

“Turn over. Ass up.”

Dare eagerly turned over to his stomach. He knelt on the bed with his ass in the air and waited for what Rage wanted to do next. Two hands spread his cheeks wide. He’d been so anxious for that moment.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Rage promised. “Long and hard. Your ass is going to be sore and I’m not going to be gentle.”

Dare felt a shot of liquid pleasure down his spine. “Fuck me, then. Take me. I’m yours.” He wiggled his ass in invitation. “Take what is yours.”

Rage pushed Dare’s cheeks painfully wide as he leaned in to lap at Dare’s hole. Need threatened to consume him. Every swipe of Rage’s tongue had him panting. Rage worked the tip of his tongue inside and Dare nearly collapsed.

“Do you like this?” Rage asked just before he slid his tongue down to Dare’s balls. “Do you like me worshiping you with my tongue?”

“Yes,” Dare hissed.

Rage chuckled. He teased and taunted him, dragging the flat of his tongue over every nerve ending. God, Dare didn’t know how much more he could take. His balls were heavy and in desperate need of relief.

“Once I’m inside you, I won’t stop,” Rage promised. He reached for a tube of lube and squirted some on his cock. “I can’t stop.”

“Fuck me, dammit.” Dare nearly groaned when the leaky tip of Rage’s cock pressed into his ass crack. He wiggled against the fat head, closing his eyes as Rage played his body even more. He desperately needed to be filled, whimpering for it.

“You are mine.” Rage ground it out as he forced his cock into Dare’s ass. “All fucking mine.”

Dare bore down on him and Rage’s cock slid completely inside with one thrust. He cried out at the fullness, the burn so intense. Rage didn’t give him time to adjust as he started to move, pumping his cock in and out of the tight hole. Dare’s mouth dropped open as he gripped the sheets beneath him. A hard fucking was what he wanted and Rage gave it to him as promised.

Rage’s teeth grazed along the back of Dare’s neck, the small bite of pain adding to the hard fucking. God, he loved it. Loved everything the alpha wolf did to him. His cock leaked as his balls drew up close to his body. The harder Rage pounded into him, the closer he came to shooting his load. Rage’s cock plunged into him, hitting a spot deep inside that made it damn near impossible to keep his control. He cried out, jerking the sheets in his hands as his body spasmed with his release. His ass clutched Rage’s cock deep inside him and the alpha wolf growled in response.

When Dare collapsed, he glanced over his shoulder. Rage pushed both of his legs out of the way so that he could fuck Dare on his side, taking his ass without mercy. God, the strong alpha in him was so fucking hot. Dare felt his body warming up again. Strong muscles flexed as he pumped inside him. Rage’s lips pulled back in a snarl and revealed bright white teeth. Rage’s cock slammed into Dare’s gland over and over. The ache inside him didn’t go away with his release. It only intensified. Rage pulled out and leaned over him.

Dare watched as the big man’s mouth engulfed the tip of his cock. He sucked the sensitive head hard as Dare cried out, straining against the sheets. For the second time, he found release and his lover drank him up. Sweat dripped from his temples as the room grew musky with their mingling scents. Rage let Dare’s cock go with a pop before shoving his legs apart. He stared down at him, his cock sticking out wet and proud from his body. Both of them panted hard as they tried to catch their breath.

“Tired?” Rage asked.

“Not even the slightest.”





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