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Shifters of North Point 1

Ten years ago, a serum was invented to suppress the supernatural abilities of the wolf shifters of North Point. After being injected with the serum, Alex Black moved to the city and away from North Point’s wolf sanctuary, a place he’d called home all of his life. Alex lived a good life in the city as a detective and kept himself in good favor of the mayor. However, when a case of disappearing people brings him face to face with his former lover, Braden, Alex is forced to confront his past and those in it.

Braden Kohler never forgot what it felt like when his lover, Alex, told him he’d been injected with the serum to make him human. The hurt and betrayal burned deeper than he could have ever imagined. Moreover, the way the humans treated the wolf shifters hurt him more. When the shifters declared war on the humans, Braden accepted a role as a soldier in the rebel army.

Now he doesn't want to admit that he needs Alex's help, but his former lover is the only one who can get them what they want. Once they reunite, sparks fly and the desire to rekindle their romance becomes imminent. Can passion between two shifters override the need for vengeance? Or will these two find themselves in more trouble than they can dream of?


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“You don’t get to scare me like that.” Alex propped his hands up on his hips. “I woke up, and I thought something had happened to you.”

It was on the tip of Braden’s tongue to apologize, but instead, he narrowed his eyes at Alex. “Fuck you. You’re the one who got caught. You’re the one who chose to take the serum. Don’t give me some bullshit about scaring you when you did the same fucking thing to me.”

“Oh, I did the same fucking thing?” Alex came toward him. Braden moved slightly, preparing to defend himself as Alex grabbed his legs and pulled him off the sofa. He covered him with his body, pressing him into the hardwood floor as his mouth claimed Braden’s. His knee moved between Braden’s legs as he brushed his hard cock along Braden’s thigh. He’d fought the kiss long enough. He gripped Alex’s head and gave as good as he got.

Alex moaned as Braden bit his lower lip. He’d pulled on a pair of shorts but wore nothing else. Braden slid his hands along Alex’s sides, feeling the hard muscles and how hot he felt in his arms. He wanted him inside now. No playing games. That was for later when they’d had at least an hour or two of hard-core fucking to get the need out of their systems. Braden slipped his hands into Alex’s shorts and cupped his ass, dragging him forward so that Alex’s cock rubbed against his own. Fuck that was hot. Everything about the man was hot.

Alex sat back momentarily to pull Braden’s shirt off while he struggled to push Alex’s shorts down. They were tangled in clothing and limbs, which only spiked the urgency. Braden fought to get his shirt off then focused on pushing Alex’s pants down so he could wrap his fingers around his fat cock. Alex gave a slight grin when he’d succeeded in stroking him and busied himself with tugging Braden’s shorts down.

“You know I’m going to have to leave you to get some lube.” Alex leaned down to nibble along Braden’s neck.

“Go.” Braden let him go. Alex grinned down at him before pushing up from the floor. He kicked off his shorts and turned, giving Braden a nice view of his perfect ass as he walked out of the room. Braden took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. If he wasn’t careful, he’d end up shifting, and that would be a fucking disaster.

Alex returned as quickly as he’d left and set the lube on the coffee table beside them. He tugged Braden’s pants off and tossed them to the side. He spread Braden’s legs wide enough that his hips could fit between them.

“I need this tight little hole, but I’m in no condition to take it slow.” Alex rubbed the puckered hole with the tip of his finger. “I can’t wait to feel your hot ass wrapped around my cock.”

“Don’t.” Braden pulled him down so that Alex’s warmth surrounded him. “I need you to. Hard. And deep. Fuck me.”

Alex kissed him as he reached for the lube. Squirting some on his dick, he fisted himself a few times to smooth it out. Then he pressed the plump head to Braden’s tiny hole. The stretching was intense. His ass burned, and he groaned as Alex pushed deeper, claiming him. It felt too fucking good.

Braden dropped his head back on a gasp, taking every inch of Alex’s cock inside him. As promised, he didn’t take him slowly. He withdrew, barely giving him time to breathe, and shoved back in, going hard and deep just like Braden wanted. Alex propped himself up, each of his hands poised beside Braden’s shoulders as he thrust inside him.

 Every thrust hit his gland, and Braden worked his hole around him, squeezing his cock as Alex pushed in.

“I want to feel you come inside me,” Braden whispered in his ear. He bit his earlobe before he flicked it with the tip of his tongue. “Your big cock is hitting my gland over and over. I don’t know how much longer I can last.”





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