Lexie Davis


Deadly Warrior
Bad Boy Assassins 2

Ari Wilder was having a bad day. His mission was hijacked by fellow assassin and enemy, Beckett Dekker, and he soon learns that an army of genetically modified assassins are after him. Reluctantly depending on Beckett for help, Ari sets out to complete the mission of his life: stop the army and stay alive in the process. It’s not an easy task nor is being so close to Beckett and remaining completely uninterested.

Beckett knew that Ari was different the moment he met him. Nothing could have prepared him for the intense chemistry or the immediate desire. While they work together to stop the army, Beckett realizes that he must break all the rules and potentially cost him any chance with Ari for the sake of saving the planet.

Both men were used to war, but there is enough heat between them to consume them both. Can Ari and Beckett settle their differences and turn one bad day into the best day of their life?


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“You see something you want?” Ari asked, completely arrogant and sure of himself.

Beckett shrugged. “Sex wasn’t a high priority for you earlier. What’s changed?”

“Who said anything’s changed?” Ari knelt on the bed next to him. “I sleep nude.”

Beckett snorted. “Of course you do. With a hard-on.”

Ari grinned and moved over him. “For a badass assassin, you sure do pout when you don’t get your way.”

Beckett opened his mouth to respond  as Ari pressed a kiss to his lips, effectively shutting him up. Oh, God. His taste was  better than Beckett imagined. Ari’s tongue slipped between Beckett’s lips, tasting, exploring. His cock thickened, hardening  more than it had been the entire fucking night. He groaned in pleasure as his hands roamed along Ari’s body. Hard muscle lay beneath smooth skin.

Ari’s mouth tore from Beckett as he pushed his shirt upward. A low sound in Ari’s throat filled the silence as Beckett tossed his shirt to the side. His hands went to his pants next, but Ari stopped him.

“Let me.”

Ari’s long fingers unsnapped the fly and tugged the zipper over the bulge of Beckett’s erection. Beckett hissed when his cock popped free. Ari licked a path along Beckett’s stomach, completely ignoring his prize. Beckett felt on fire. He ached for some relief, but it looked like Ari wanted to tease and torture before Beckett would get his wish.

“You like playing with your prey, don’t you?” Beckett watched as a slow smile spread across Ari’s face. Fuck it, the man was gorgeous. He had hard lines and rough edge, but when he smiled, his eyes lit up. When he was aroused, the dark depths of his blue irises burned with passion.

“If you wanted a quick orgasm, you should have used your hand instead of egging me on.” Ari flicked the tip of his tongue over Beckett’s flat nipple. “Don’t tease if you can’t handle it.”

Beckett drew in a sharp breath as Ari’s teeth lightly nipped at his sensitive flesh. Every ounce of his being wanted to take control. To push Ari against the mattress and shove his cock deep inside his tight ass. He’d been thinking about it all night, but the look on Race’s face when he thought about Ari on the bottom played in his mind. Ari never bottomed. To Beckett, it wasn’t that big of a deal. He didn’t mind having that glorious prick rammed into him, but he wanted the same pleasure from his lover. At least while they were together, for however long that would be.

Lost in thought, Beckett’s eyes damn near crossed when Ari’s mouth finally wrapped around his cock. He hadn’t been paying attention to reality when his fantasies of fucking Ari overpowered. Now the sexy warrior was sucking him, dragging his tongue along Beckett’s thick cock like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted in his life. Beckett dropped his head back and thrust his hips forward, driving his prick farther down Ari’s throat. The hot wetness was too unbearable.

“Slow down,” Ari murmured. “Let me enjoy you.”

Beckett watched as Ari tugged his pants down  enough that his mouth could taste Beckett’s balls. “Ah, fuck.”

Ari’s hot tongue washed over the sensitive flesh, his lips lightly sucking as he continued to play. Beads of sweat dotted Beckett’s forehead as he gripped the sheets beneath him. Ari moved back briefly, to pull the pants off entirely. Beckett’s legs fell open and he begged Ari to suck him.

“Please.” Beckett gripped his cock and angled it toward Ari.

The damn man grinned. “Roll over.”

Beckett panted as he tried to comprehend what Ari had said. Without waiting, Ari helped him to his stomach and pulled his ass up into the air. A long finger slipped between his cheeks as Ari continued to explore Beckett’s body.

“I can’t take much more.” Beckett clutched the pillow in front of him. “Fuck me.”

Instead, Ari spread Beckett’s cheeks and the wet tip of his tongue pressed against the tight little hole. His balls ached, tightening as Ari continued his teasing. He slid his tongue up, then down, lightly pressing the tip against the opening. Beckett closed his eyes, teetering on the edge of pleasure. That warm, wet tongue moved lower sucking his aching balls again and Beckett saw stars. His entire body tensed as his orgasm poured through him, pleasure so intense that he shook from it. Ari reached around and fisted Beckett’s cock, stroking with hard and fast pulls as his orgasm slowly subsided.

Beckett collapsed against the mattress, his entire body spent. He could die now, and he’d still be one fucking happy man.

“Don’t even think about going to sleep.” Ari scraped his teeth along Beckett’s firm ass before lightly smacking it. “We’re nowhere near done.”





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