Lexie Davis


Deadly Savage
Bad Boy Assassins 3

Rebel soldiers have taken over the planet Brittany and a genius scientist, Tucker Lambert, is trapped in the middle of it. Protected by one of the elite assassins in Blackburn Force, Tucker realizes it's only a matter of time before the rebels find him and kill him. With the war going on around him, he yearns for his lover Race Wilder to find him first.

After Race discovers his lover is still alive, he makes it his personal mission to find him and bring him back to the safety of Blackburn Force. The savage assassin is no stranger to fighting and he’ll fight until death for the one he loves.

Their love is being put to the test. Race had promised Tucker a lifetime together, and he always keeps his word. Can these two survive the unthinkable together and learn in the process that love conquers all?


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To his surprise, Race followed him down, locking the hatches in place. Once they landed on the solid concrete, Tucker turned. Before he could say any more, Race grabbed him, pulling him to him as his mouth crashed down against his lover’s. Damn, he tasted like sin. His hands went to Tucker’s lab coat and pushed it from his shoulders. It didn’t matter how long they’d been apart. Knowing that Race still wanted him made Tucker’s tension dissipate. He thought Race simply came because Mitch told him to. Knowing that Race came for him, on his own accord, made it completely different.

The lab coat fell to the floor and Race went for Tucker’s shirt. Need slammed into Tucker hard and fast and he felt just as desperate to get his clothes off as Race. He worked on removing his clothes, pulling away from Race slightly.

“You do yours and I’ll do mine.” Tucker kicked off his shoes. “It’s quicker that way.”

Race chuckled, a throaty sound that reverberated through Tucker. “I was going for romantic, but if you need hot and dirty, I’m down for that.”

“Romantic my ass.” Tucker tossed his shirt to the growing pile of clothing. “You don’t have a romantic bone in your body.”

His lover didn’t and Tucker didn’t give one fuck about it. He didn’t need the lovey crap in his life. He was a scientist after all and that just screwed with his good sense. What he did need was Race inside him. When his lover dropped his pants, Tucker took in the thick cock that he’d missed for the past two months. He was hard and perfect. Tucker licked his lips in anticipation.

“No.” Race lifted Tucker’s chin. “That kind of stuff is for later. I need to be inside you now.”

Tucker took a deep breath. “You were always such a killjoy.”

“I’ll make you rethink that.” Race pulled him to him and nipped at Tucker’s lower lip. Together they worked on his pants and only got them as far as his knees before Race turned him to face the desk. The tube of lube sat to the side of the desk and Tucker didn’t want to admit why the lube was so handily near his workstation. Thankfully, Race didn’t seem to care.

He squirted his cock with the lube before slipping two fingers inside him. “You’re tight.” He ran his tongue along the back of Tucker’s neck. His teeth scraped along his shoulder as Race worked another finger inside him.

“Yeah well, what did you expect? Two months with nothing here to entertain me but myself.” Tucker glanced over his shoulder. “Having another person do some of the work is more fucking fun than doing it by yourself.”

Race kissed him. “Is that your way of telling me that you missed me, baby?”

Tucker swallowed and rubbed his ass against Race’s cock. “I think you know the answer to that.”

Race gripped his cock and pressed it against Tucker’s hole. His fat cock stretched Tucker, pushing deep and filling him with one smooth stroke. Ah, yes. Sweet fucking heaven. Tucker dropped his head down between his arms as Race gripped his hips. Each stroke was harsh and short. The sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the bunker as Tucker’s lips parted, his eyes closing as Race’s cockhead brushed against his gland.

“Just so you know,” Race said, drawing Tucker’s attention back to him. “You’re mine. This ass is mine.”

Tucker pushed out against him. “Fuck me then. Harder.”

His strokes went deeper as the force grew stronger. Wild hot sex in a bunker wasn’t exactly on his bucket list, but he’d take Race’s cock anytime, any day. He clutched the table, holding on to the sturdy furniture as his pleasure increased. His cock felt ready to burst and he knew one stroke would have him spewing.

Race gripped Tucker’s cock and pumped him while his cock filled Tucker’s ass. Pleasure shot through him, hard and fast, staring at the base of his skull and ending at the tip of his cock. He jerked with the force and held on to the table as his body collapsed. The intensity was hotter than the sun and sweat had gathered along his upper lip. Race didn’t seem to notice as he continued fucking Tucker. The man had the stamina of a bull and a cock like one too. He clung to the table simply enjoying the thrusts of Race inside him before his lover groaned, his cock filling him with hot cum. The sounds of their breathing filled the silence while the scent of sweat and sex surrounded them. His body was limp as a wet dishrag and couldn’t have been any fucking happier about it.

Race slipped from Tucker’s ass and pulled him around to kiss his lips. Tucker looped his arms around his lover and held him close. With him simply being here, he felt safe. It was an odd thing to say considering Race was a top assassin and had probably more ways to kill a man than Tucker could dream of.

“Maybe next time we’ll make it to the bed.” Race pulled back and stared into Tucker’s eyes.

“You didn’t like mauling me?”

Race grinned. “I really was going for romance.”

It was Tucker’s turn to smile. “You’re too cute for your own good.”





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