Lexie Davis


Deadly Rebel
Bad Boy Assassins 1

It was a seemingly impossible and highly lethal job: assassinating the prominent political leader of Blackburn Force. Rebel assassin, Brice Wilder, never expected to go back to his old life once he got out of prison. After all, it was what landed him there in the first place. But the promise of money and a seemingly impossible task changed his mind.

Jai Chastain, the leader of Blackburn Force, had a target on his back and knew it was a matter of time before his enemies won. After hiring Brice as a bodyguard, he falls hard and quick for the man only to find out that he was the one sent to kill him. Even though betrayal hit hard, Jai soon realizes that Brice is the least of his worries as the real enemy is out there, ready to take them both out.

It’s a race against the clock and only one person will win in this deadly battle. Can Brice protect the one he loves while eliminating his biggest threat? Or has this bad boy assassin finally met his match?


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Brice reached out and rubbed the other man’s hand. From what he saw that day, mixed with all his snooping, Jai wasn’t a bad guy. Stressed, yes, but not a bad person. He wanted to make Blackburn Force a better place and with that, he worked non-stop with his advisors to change the planet for the better. There were several reports on food shortages for the northern side of the planet and many documents signed by him to take food to the people that needed it. He even had hand written notes to the people of the planet to let them know that he heard them and wanted to help.

It took a man with a great amount of class to do that.

He napped on and off for a while. Sleeping on a normal mattress after spending nearly seven years on a concrete slab was quite a difference. He also liked the feeling of having someone beside him. The warmth of Jai’s body made Brice feel some semblance of peace. He didn’t have a lot of human contact over the years. Most simply stuck around while they wanted something from him and then they left. No connection. No love.

“I like lying next to you.” Jai’s gruff voice sounded in the darkness as Brice lay there lost in his thoughts. “You make me feel safe.”

The tenderness, the vulnerability coming from him couldn’t have been easy. Hell, they didn’t know each other. There was no reason that he should trust him or think that for one second that he wouldn’t kill him with his bare hands. Brice glanced over at the man beside him, a small smile playing at his lips. The job had always been easy for him, but this one was not. Brice kissed him, a tender press of his lips against Jai’s. It grew more intense as the other man pushed him back against the mattress, his hands roaming the hard muscles of Brice’s bare chest. 

Dragging his mouth to Brice’s chin, he lovingly nipped him before soothing the ache with his tongue. He’d never been much into kissing. It had always been an intimate act and Brice had no time for intimacy. Jai, however, liked kissing him. Brice found himself liking the act too. Jai tasted good. Manly yet sweet at the same time. He worked a hot path of wet kisses down Brice’s throat until he reached his nipples.

Swirling his tongue around one flat nipple Jai gently bit, sucking and licking until Brice moaned. His cock pressed against the other man’s leg and Jai reached down to stroke him. 

“Are you needy, baby?” Jai whispered against his chest. “Do you want me to take care of this for you?”

His lips sucked at Brice’s other nipple giving it the same torment as he stroked his cock at an achingly slow rhythm. Brice gripped the man’s shoulders and dragged him upward. A hot clashing of tongues and teeth had Brice on edge. Jai moved so that he straddled him, in no hurry to take care of Brice’s need as he continued to lick and explore his mouth. The other man arched over him, rubbing his ass against Brice’s stiff dick just to tease.

Brice could tease too. He rubbed his thumb over the head of Jai’s cock, drawing the drop of fluid around the tip. Jai groaned into Brice’s mouth before tearing his lips away.

“I need you in me, now.”  Jai reached for the lube before gripping Brice’s cock and angling it toward his ass.

Before it had been electric. Hot, raw, passionate. It was what typical fucking entailed. It’d been good too. And it would be good again. Like hot velvet, Jai’s ass gripped the tip of his cock. His lover arched over him, sinking down ever so slowly with his eyes closed and his head thrown back in ecstasy. Yeah, it was that fucking good for him too. 

Jai leaned back and rocked his hips slowly. “You feel amazing inside me.”

Brice stroked Jai’s cock while the man rode him. Whimpers and moans filled the silence surrounding them. It was fucking good. Too fucking good. Brice lifted Jai off him and turned the man over so that he lay on his stomach. Taking complete control, he filled him again with one harsh thrust.

Jai clutched the sheets grunting as Brice took him. The tight grip of Jai’s ass around his cock did him in. His fingers dug into Jai’s hips as he thrust and withdrew, each time going deeper into his willing body.





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