Lexie Davis



After her father died, Erin McConnell inherited Dirty Money Ranch and all its problems. With a surprising amount of debt tied to the ranch, she must come up with the money to pay it off or she will lose everything she has ever known. 

To make matters worse, her brother Rory invites five blasts from her past to stay the week at the ranch while heading to the Austin Rodeo. But soon after they arrive, she realizes how much she needs them, and how much they want her. The five rodeo stars, Blaine, Kade, Dierks, Devin, and Scotty, immediately step in to help, but the memory of one night five years ago brings a rush of passion between Erin and the men. 

While the desire is there, tension surrounds them. The reason they left the ranch hangs between them, as does the idea of being in an unconventional relationship in a small, old-fashioned Texas town. Will she be able to make their relationship work while solving her problems in the process?


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Kade pushed her back against the mattress and pinned her arms next to her head. He slid his knee between her legs, brushing the rough denim against her wet heat. He kissed her lightly, nothing more than a brush of his lips against hers.

“We’re going to give you everything you want.” Kade moved his lips down to her neck.

The mattress dipped with Devin’s weight. Erin opened her eyes to find him naked. Devin was like Kade in many ways. Both liked adventure. Mundane was boring, and they hated routine. Devin leaned down and pressed his lips against hers while Kade kept working his way down her body. Both men had their mouth on her, tongues sliding, driving her crazy with want.

Kade flicked one nipple with his tongue while pinching the other between his fingers. She gasped into Devin’s mouth. Kade’s hands slipped between her thighs, pushing them wider as he continued down her body. Every erogenous zone was touched, bathed by his tongue. Devin’s hand rested at her jaw, his own tongue stroking hers.

“You have the softest skin, little maid.” His tongue dipped into her navel. His hands slipped between her thighs, pushing them wider. “I bet you taste sweet, too.”

Devin pulled back and watched her face while Kade’s tongue lapped at her pussy. “Do you like that? His tongue licking your cream while I watch?”

She couldn’t think. Her breaths came in shallow pants as Kade thrust his tongue inside her. Devin shifted slightly, held her pussy lips apart, and leaned down to suck her clit between his lips.

Oh, God…

Erin squirmed, gasped. Kade’s busy tongue worked her tight little hole while Devin circled her clit with the tip of his. She practically wailed. Her back arched off the mattress. Heat swept through her, overtaking, consuming. She thrashed as her orgasm claimed her and shot her out of this world.

When she came back to earth, both men were staring down at her. She blinked a few times. She’d never had an orgasm quite as intense as that. Kade smiled. Devin’s gaze grew more intense. Erin licked her lips. Her limbs grew limp. It took a great effort to even think about moving, much less actually doing so.

“Don’t you go to sleep yet, little maid.” Kade slipped from the bed and pulled his T-shirt off. “We’re nowhere near done with you.”

Kade dug his fingers into his pocket and tossed a few condoms to the mattress. Devin grabbed one and undid the package. Erin watched as he positioned it at the head of his thick cock and rolled it on.

“Roll over.” Devin waited. Erin turned until she lay on her stomach. Devin smacked her ass and forced her thighs wider. “I see what Blaine’s fascination with your ass is. It’s perfect.”

He pressed his cock against her and gripped her hips, thrusting in. She dug her fingers into the comforter and fought to keep her eyes open. Kade came to the side of the bed and crawled toward her. He sat to her side, stroking his cock while Devin pummeled her. Over and over, his pace was relentless and unforgiving. She loved it.

“Do all Southern girls like it hard?” Kade asked, fisting his cock. “Or did we just get lucky with our delectable maid?”

Erin couldn’t answer. She closed her eyes and clutched the sheets, crying out when her orgasm hit. Her body milked Devin’s cock, every muscle in her stomach clenching while her pussy sucked him deeper. She opened her eyes to see Kade smile at her.

“My turn,” Kade announced as Devin pulled away from her. Kade lifted her, pausing to take her mouth in a hard kiss that had her head reeling in a constant state of euphoria. He brought her down on his lap and slipped inside her with ease.

“Oh, my God.” 

Kade licked the valley between her breasts. “Are two big cocks more than you can handle?”

She leaned back and rocked her pelvis. “Hell no.”





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