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bound to them
Lucky, Texas 1

After a bad breakup, London Phillips leaves Houston for the American dream of small town living and owning her own business. She has written off men and is perfectly content in minding her own business while working hard at making Sexy Scents the next big candle company. However, she didn’t plan on four distracting male neighbors coming into the picture and helping her more than she could have ever dreamed.

Jett, Gunner, Asher, and Killian own Patton’s Auto Shop in Lucky, Texas. As proud citizens of a small town known for alternative lifestyles, they find the mysterious London Phillips alluring. While they fully intend on showing her inquisitive spirit the ways of ménage and bondage, what the four men need is love and commitment from one woman who is ready to settle down and create a life with them. London Phillips could be that woman for them, but they must find a way to convince her first.

With debt lingering over her head, the threat of needing big city money from a “real” job hangs in the balance. Can this city girl find everything she desires in Lucky, Texas or will she be forced to move back to the city and away from the four men that truly care about her?


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Killian’s hands smoothed along her skin while Gunner cupped her breasts from behind. London may have said she wasn’t into what they did behind closed doors, but her body made her a fucking liar. Killian grinned at that. He reached between her legs, running his fingers along her pussy. The little sound of pleasure she gave him sounded like music to his ears. He loved when women reacted to his touch.

“Do you want us?” Gunner whispered against her ear as he pinched her nipples. 

She nodded.

“Say it,” Killian commanded as his finger slipped inside her. “Tell us what you want.”

“Both. I want you both.” 

Killian met London’s eyes. The water spray fell along the soft curve of her breast and rolled down the center of her stomach. Gunner kissed the side of her neck, eliciting pleasure there. Killian knew that time spent with this woman would have all three of his brothers falling in love with her.

Love. Where did that thought come from?

He stood and pulled her to him. Killian’s fingers tangled in her blond locks, pulling her closer, fusing their mouths together. His urgency was matched by her own need. Each demanding stroke of his tongue was met with sucking and nipping, a thrill of pleasure shooting straight to his cock. He needed her to touch him. He needed to feel that slender hand wrapped around his cock. Or her lips. Her mouth. God, he loved her mouth.

As if she knew the thoughts running through his head, she pulled back. Her eyes met his before glancing down at his hard cock. He’d been hard all night and watching the way his brothers took her, filling her pussy and mouth, only made it worse for him. For the most part, he exhibited a level of control that was completely new to him. How he hadn’t bent her over and fucked her blind, he didn’t know.

He tilted her chin up to meet her eyes. “I get your cunt.”

She nodded. Gunner pressed his lips against her shoulder. “I’m after him.”

Gunner reached for some condoms and handed one to Killian while he sat on the shower bench. He rolled the thin rubber on and pulled her down to straddle his lap. Her pussy was sopping wet and he angled his dick so that she slid down with complete ease onto him.

Gunner continued to touch her, smoothing his hands along her back and arms while London arched and started rocking her hips. Her knuckles pressed against Killian’s thighs. This would be a quick fuck, he realized, feeling the pressure low in his belly. He prided himself on not being a quick lay, but damn, the tightness of her pussy squeezed every inch of him, hypnotizing Killian to the point he simply didn’t give a fuck.

He held her hips, watching as her heavy breasts bounced in front of him. Vaguely he recalled Gunner somewhere near them. The steam from the shower had dissipated somewhat but Killian was thankful Jett had a tank-less water heater installed. And with her sopping wet hair clinging to her face, the wet droplets from the spray rolling down her soft skin, he knew damn good and well that the shower would be visited again. It might even be his favorite part of the house.

London let out a moan and he felt her pussy contracting around him. He knew she was someone they should pursue. Everything about her made him want and crave more.


The pressure built in his balls and with one hard thrust, Killian exploded inside her, a deep groan of pleasure echoing in the shower. Hell, he clung to her, needing some sort of grounding as every nerve cell tingled inside his body. What the hell did this woman do to him?

Sometime later, Gunner helped her up off him. Killian sagged against the shower, the condom still covering his half-hard dick. Gunner lifted London into his arms and pressed her against the wall as he drove his cock into that tight bit of heaven between her legs. Killian couldn’t have moved if he wanted to. 

“Do you like my cock in you, doll?” Gunner asked.

Killian felt a surge of something new. Something he’d never felt before. London’s half-lidded eyes stared at him while Gunner shoved into her repeatedly. 

“Yes,” her throaty whisper announced.

It didn’t make sense to Killian. He’d just had her, had a damn good orgasm, and he still wanted more. A surge of jealousy filled him as he thought about his brother taking what he wanted. The look in her eyes suggested something far more than a one-night stand. If he hadn’t been half out of it from his own ecstasy, he’d assume that she’d come here looking for a place to belong.

With them.

Her little cry of pleasure had her dropping her head to Gunner’s shoulder, her nails scratching along his shoulders as he pumped inside her. Her lips parted in unadulterated pleasure and Killian’s cock stirred again.





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