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a lucky christmas
Lucky Texas 4

All Julian wanted is a family for Christmas. With his best friend and business partner, Micah, out of the country for the holidays, he finds himself in Lucky, Texas with Rowdy Ferguson, the sheriff. He understood his friends didn’t want him to be alone for the holidays and used a business venture as a way to get keep him around his friends, but what he didn’t expect was to find a woman that needed him, just as much as he needed her.

Luna and Danny had a tough year after the third person in their relationship died in an unexpected construction accident. With a child to raise, and a missing income, they struggled financially and emotionally with the loss. As Christmas approaches, they both wanted it to be over with as soon as possible. But Julian comes into the picture and changes everything. When romance blossoms between them, they start to wonder if Julian is the very person they need to help them. Could he be the Christmas miracle they've been hoping for?


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Danny thought Luna was the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth. She lay back, naked on the bed, with her blonde hair covering the pillow. Her breasts were full and firm, and he knew the tips were extremely sensitive. A set of nipple clamps and a vibrator on her clit would have her coming so hard she saw stars.

He tugged his pants off and glanced over at Julian, who simply stared at her in wonder. Danny reached in the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom to hand to Julian. “I think it’s understood that you need to use a condom.”

Julian nodded, taking it. He undid a few buttons of his shirt and tugged it from the waistband of his pants. Part of Danny trusted Julian simply because he was Rowdy’s friend. Rowdy was a complicated guy, and he’d never steer anyone wrong on the character of another person. He was fair and honest. If he vouched for Julian, then the guy wasn’t that bad. From what Danny could tell, Luna liked him too. He saw the way her heart melted as Julian took care of Zane. Danny didn’t think of him as a replacement for Tom, but definitely someone to help them both get out of the slump they couldn’t seem to get out of.

Plus, it was Christmas. If anything, he wanted them all to be happy for a little while. If Julian could help in that way, then it made sense to invite him into their bedroom.

Danny moved to the head of the bed and angled his cock to Luna’s mouth. Her soft moan hummed around his dick as she took him inside the hot, wet warmth of her mouth. Hell, he missed this.

He missed her.

Once Julian was naked, he moved between Luna’s legs, kissing her stomach. Danny watched while the other man kissed his way to the underside of her breast before flicking the tip of his tongue along her nipple. Danny reached down to pinch her other nipple, rolling it with his fingers while they both toyed with her body. Julian kissed and licked his way down her body, nipping and sucking the flesh at her thighs.

Danny withdrew his cock from her mouth and leaned down to kiss her.

“You’re so beautiful, Luna,” he whispered against her mouth. “I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Julian’s tongue slid through her wetness, and Luna gripped Danny harder, holding him closer as she kissed him. Danny loved the way she clung to him while another man ate her pussy. He loved seeing the desperation on her face as nothing but pleasure filled her body.

“Do you like another man’s tongue plunging inside your pussy?” Danny whispered in her ear. He nipped at her earlobe before dipping the tip of his tongue lightly inside. Luna gasped as Danny held one of her legs open. "Come for him.”

Luna’s head dropped back as she thrust her hips toward Julian’s mouth. Danny watched as his beloved’s pleasure flooded through her, the soft cry leaving her lips damn near music to his ears. Danny stroked her stomach with the tips of his fingers before shifting her slightly so that he could sit back against the pillows.

“Suck me, baby, while he fucks you.”

Luna moved between his legs, dipping down to engulf his cock completely. Danny pulled her hair back, watching as her lips sank down repeatedly along his shaft. Julian watched them for a moment before ripping the condom open with his teeth. Danny didn’t know if it was a one-time thing or something they’d share for the Christmas season, but he wanted to make Luna happy. He’d give her anything to see her smile.

Julian touched her and she whimpered. She wiggled her ass at him, and Julian grinned. Danny thought back to their first ménage. Luna had been shy, but she quickly warmed up. She liked having two cocks to pleasure her.

The moment Julian pushed inside her, Danny knew it. The other man gripped Luna’s hips as he filled her. Danny twined his fingers in her hair and tugged her head back slightly, leaning forward to kiss her while Julian fucked her.

“Do you like his big cock sinking into you?” Danny whispered against her wet lips. “Stretching you.”
He stared into her eyes. “Tell him how good it feels.”

She turned her head to sink her teeth into Danny’s wrist. “It feels so good.”

Gasping, she dropped her head forward. With her tits swaying before him, Danny watched as Julian fucked her from behind. Damn, he’d never seen such a beautiful sight than Luna in pleasure. He stroked his cock with one hand, while keeping his other hand wrapped around her arm to hold her up.

“Give me more,” Luna cried as she tried to lap at the tip of his dick. He angled it to her mouth and she sucked him hard.

“God, you suck like a dream, sweetheart.” Danny dropped his head back against the headboard. “I love your lips around my cock.”

Julian reached around her body, sweat dotting his chest. “Come for me, Luna.”

Danny watched as Luna gave in. She thrust her ass harder against him as she pulled back, crying out into the otherwise silent room. She needed it. Three orgasms later and Danny wasn’t sure she’d had enough.

Julian withdrew from her and moved to the side, kissing her back before Danny shifted from his place. She lay on her stomach and Danny flipped her, moving between her legs and shoving inside her. Her pussy was slick and so damn tight. Julian squeezed her breasts, kissing and nipping along her neck while Danny fucked her. It wouldn’t take much for him to come. Luna squeezed him, and stars filled his vision. He tried to give her another orgasm, but his control snapped.

He gripped her thighs, buried deep inside her. A slow smile spread across her face as she looked up at him. It’d been a long time since he’d seen that smile, and it elated him more than any orgasm ever could.





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