Lexie Davis


Accidentally Theirs

When Harper Tate’s grandmother left her the deed to Wild Horse Ranch, the last thing she expected was to inherit five sexy cowboys along with it. As a professional in the real estate world, she makes a living by finding cheap houses and flipping them for a nice profit. That was exactly what she plans to do with the ranch once she fixes it up, but the men have other plans for her.

Gabe Bailey, Logan Collins, Nick Montgomery, Aaron Harnett, and Cooper Dalton all grew up in the foster care system. Each of the men came to Wild Horse Ranch broken and battered. After landing a job and a place to stay, they've worked to rebuild their life, but finding a woman to come home to at night still remains a top priority.

The longer Harper stays on the ranch the more trouble she finds. Her father doesn’t want her to keep it. Someone is stealing money from them. And the five men have her heart tangled and knotted in confusion. She can’t resist them. The more she wants to say no, the more she finds herself begging. Can this businesswoman find a way to fix her problems and get the men of her dreams?


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“You’re thinking about it,” Logan commented.

She shook her head and tried to focus on unpacking. “Five men and one woman is impossible. Someone is going to get left out and get their feelings hurt.”

“We’re all grown men. We can handle it.” Logan tossed the dildo to the box. “Tell me what you want me to do. What were you just thinking about?”

When she didn’t respond, he lifted his hand and stroked her lower lip with his finger. “Do you want my lips here?”

She waited while his hand drifted down her body. The blouse she wore dipped low and he had no trouble caressing the soft swell of her breast. The heat from his touch burned against her flesh as he smoothed his finger over the curve of her breast.

“I could put my mouth here.” He circled the general area of her nipple. “I bet you taste sweeter than honey. You’re so soft. So tempting. I can’t wait to know what you feel like beneath me, surrounding me with your tight warmth. You’d be a fucking dream come true.”

Her temperature spiked a few degrees as he continued to lazily caress her. She wanted him to do it. To pull her shirt open and tear off her bra so he could suck her achingly hard nipples into his warm mouth. She panted as his finger continued down her body, stroking her abdomen until he reached the waistband of her pants. He paused and met her eyes.

“Or I could put my mouth here. Just skip the preamble and go right for what we both want.” His finger lingered at her waistband while he held eye contact with her. “What is it that you want?”

All of it. Harper couldn’t think straight with the ideas he proposed. They sounded like a great addition to her own ideas. Her pulse pounded as each second ticked by. Did she want them? No, that wasn’t really the question. How would she handle five lovers? That was more like it. She licked her lips and Logan let out a soft groan. She didn’t have to glance down to know he was hard. Painfully so. It was now or never because she wasn’t entirely sure he would forgive her for making him take a cold shower. Jacking off was a sore consolation for the real thing.

“I—” She stopped when the back door flew open. Gabe and Cooper stepped in chatting about something. She tried to pull away, but Logan caught her, pinning her between the wall and his body.

“Tell me what you want.” He leaned in to kiss her neck.

Harper closed her eyes as the soft pressure of his lips captured her again. She dropped her head back against the wall and gave herself up to the gentle pulls of his mouth along her neck. He cupped her breast while his soft lips worked along her pulse point, licking and sucking until she’d forgotten where she stood.

Logan moved back, momentarily, to undo the blouse. He shoved it off her shoulders before finding the clasp of her bra. Once that was torn away from her body, his mouth surrounded an aching nipple, sucking and teasing the hard tip. She didn’t know where Gabe and Cooper had gone, but she didn’t really care either. Harper clutched Logan’s head to her, sliding her fingers through his soft hair as she whimpered beneath the heat of his mouth. She needed this. He’d convinced her of that.

Before she could protest a tongue slid between her lips while another warm mouth circled her neglected nipple. God, she didn’t know who was doing what and she really didn’t care. She didn’t want them to stop. Her knees threatened to collapse and two strong hands gripped her hips to keep her upright.

No one said anything as they moved her to the downstairs bedroom. The large bed was big enough for all of them and Cooper laid her in the middle of it. His hands went to her jeans and undid the fly. He worked quickly to get them off her body while Gabe and Logan’s weight dipped the bed beside her. Logan leaned in to kiss her while Gabe pressed his lips to the underside of her breast. He tweaked her nipples, eliciting a fire deep within her belly.

Slowly, Cooper inched the denim down her legs, careful to remove her panties with it. She tore her mouth from Logan and met Cooper’s burning blue eyes as he watched her, seeing her for the first time. Desire burned hot in the dark depths of his eyes, something that matched the fire low in her belly. He was gorgeous. Tanned, lean muscles covered his chest and abdomen, undoubtedly the results of working on the ranch. His soft brown hair was spiked from running his fingers through it. Harper licked her lips, the anticipation building as he knelt between her legs. He reached for her pussy and parted her.

Gabe bit her nipple as Cooper gave her one long lick. She shuttered at the contact moaning into Logan’s mouth as he kissed her. Never in a million years would she have thought her illicit ideas would have become a reality.

Cooper circled his tongue around her clit. Her nipples ached from neglect. Gabe sucked one hard into his mouth as she pushed against Logan to break their kiss. She stared into his dark brown eyes. “Please.”

Logan didn’t say anything as he leaned down and lapped at her other nipple. Cooper’s tongue slipped inside her, working her as pleasure raced through her hot and bold. He licked around her clit while sliding two fingers into her greedy pussy. She arched at the contact, almost climaxing, as she clasped Gabe and Logan’s heads to her breasts.

“I think she needs more,” Logan commented. He stared at her hard nipple, wet with his saliva. “Where are the condoms?”





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