Lexie Davis



All she had to do was say yes…


Ashlyn Davenport knew getting involved with her employer’s brother would wreak havoc in her life. All the women in the office gossiped about Jake Taylor and his bad boy ways. He was hardly the kind of man a woman could easily forget, but she had no intention of being with him.

However, when Jake attends his brother’s birthday party, Ashlyn learns first hand how truly undeniable Jake Taylor really is. With a tempting offer unlike any other, the motorcycle lover promised her a night she’d never forget. All she had to do was say yes.


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His heated palm slid down my spine as our hips swayed to the music. He pulled me close—close enough to feel the very impressive bulge in the front of his pants. My nipples ached as they brushed against his chest, the heat from his body seeping through my slinky  dress, hot enough to burn.

“You’ve been watching me nearly all night,” I said as we made tiny circles along the dance floor. “Don’t you know it’s rude to stare?”

He scoffed. “Do you really think I care what others think?”

“No, but I had to make the first move.”
He grinned then, sliding both hands to my rear and squeezing the fleshy cheeks, before pulling me up against him.

“Tonight’s not the first night I’ve noticed you, Cupcake. I’ve just respected the fact you didn’t seem to want a poor bastard like me.”

I sucked in a breath at the enormous erection pressing into my body. His heat burned my flesh and the only thing stopping me from hiking up my dress was my co-workers standing around, undoubtedly gawking at us. God, he was big, and I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me.

“That’s not true,” I said, somehow finding my voice. I looked up at his chin and licked my lips. “I wanted you the first time I met you.”

I wanted more than just a dance with his hands lightly touching me. I wanted his mouth kissing me, his fingers caressing me, his cock—oh, God—I needed his cock inside me. I wanted all of him, craved it actually.

I leaned in a bit and caught a whiff of his cologne. His smell was intoxicating, a spicy aroma of something unique to him. I brushed my cheek against his shoulder, one hand gripping his, the other clasping his shirt at the small of his back. His strength was the only thing keeping my knees from locking and my body collapsing on the dance floor.

“I think we should get out of here,” he whispered, his hot breath tickling my cheek.

I couldn’t agree more.

The song ended and he led me away from the dance floor to the commons area outside the ballroom. Many people stared as his hand engulfed mine, although no one said a word. Jake Taylor wasn’t one to mess with, boss’s brother or no. His scowl alone told anyone around that his bite was worse than his bark. He lived up to his bad-boy reputation and had many women scampering after him, begging for his attention.

Fuck them. I’m his girl tonight and I fully intend to live up every single second with him.





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